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JUST LISTED: Brought To You By The L3 Real Estate

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Spring Cleaning Tips to Break Out of that Cooped-Up Feeling

The feeling of being cooped up that has predominated throughout so much of Costa Mesa’s springtime may be loosening up, but one way to capitalize on the situation is to take the extra indoors time to make this year’s spring cleaning project a more-serious-than-usual event. In addition to relieving the monotony that the semi-voluntary confinement …

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And The Winner Is… #L3ActivityBook

Thank you to all that participated in our “Safe at Home” L3 Spring Activity Book Coloring Contest. We had so many participate, it was heartwarming to see all of the great Artists in the making! Congratulations goes to Summer Rodman for winning The L3 Spring Activity Book Contest! Here are some of the other great …

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