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Have Costa Mesa Households Ditched Theaters for Media Rooms?

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal’s “Homes” section led with a splashy layout about media rooms. Costa Mesa real estate veterans would probably nod at the article’s historical account that “there was a time” when high-end homes demonstrated their media bona fides through well-appointed home theaters. Many did tend to be “found in the basement,” …

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The Best Costa Mesa Real Estate Agents Head Off “Surprises”

The topic of preventive maintenance seems particularly timely, given last week’s record-breaking polar vortex and the many tales of household plumbing disasters it spawned. The best Costa Mesa real estate agents do more than just represent their selling clients in the marketing, negotiation, and documentation of their homes’ sale—they also roll up their sleeves to …

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Cutting through “Kind of Confusing” Mortgage Credit Scoring

“It can be kind of confusing.” – Tom Quinn, V.P Business Development for myFICO in “The Scores That Matter in Mortgage Lending.” Unless you’re a buyer who falls into the all-cash category, once you begin to zero in on buying your next Costa Mesa home, you will already have been paying close attention to your …

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