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“Top 8” Real Estate Questions for Costa Mesa Buyers, Sellers

Like almost everyone else in Costa Mesa who spends time online, I often come across lists. Headlines that list the “Top 10” or “Top 5” of almost anything usually catch my eye—especially the ones with “real estate” in the title. I’ve trained myself to just glance at the items and move on if they don’t …

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Making an Offer on a Home: Tips for Success!

Once you have selected a potential home of your dreams, you have to enter into the balancing act known as the purchase offer. If you bid too low, your offer may be rejected out-of-hand. If you bid too high, you could pay far more than you need. Here are some important considerations to go through …

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Picking a Costa Mesa Home for Sale When Good Choices Abound

Happy Monday from Weichman Realtors! If you are going to be among this August’s consumers who are actively shopping for a home for sale in Costa Mesa, you have probably already taken a look at the Costa Mesa listings and most likely jotted down some addresses you’d like to examine in detail. Then, if you …

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