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Feb 17

A “Kitchen Mirage” Could Speed Costa Mesa Home Sales

When I see a feature with a title like X Ways to Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger, I’m someone who’s unlikely to pass it up. Making any Costa Mesa kitchen feel bigger would be a definite plus for any Costa Mesa home sale. On the scale of honorable pursuits, it would be right there next …

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Nov 18

A Costa Mesa Category 2 Fixer-upper Can be a Good Thing!

If you were one of the brave Costa Mesa real estate investors who decided a few years back that the real estate meltdown was an awfully good buying opportunity, congratulations on being able to resist any naysayers. The fact that real estate has always lived up to its name (“real”) is easy to forget when …

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Nov 04

For Costa Mesa Homeowners, Slow Real Estate News is Good

If, as the saying goes, “”no news is good news,” last week was almost a good week for U.S. real estate. Costa Mesa real estate watchers like me found no hint of the kind of sweeping changes that can alter residential real estate patterns for buyers and sellers. Possibly because of the looming election, little …

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