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Costa Mesa Homeownership Boost from the Father of the 401(k)

Couple Embrace

Ever since its introduction in 1965, Americans by the millions have embraced the retirement vehicle known by its IRS handle, the “401(k).” It hardly matters that few Costa Mesa breadwinners know much about its relatively recent origins (much less, its family lineage)—but had they attended the Wall Street Journal’s recent “Future of Everything Festival,” they’d …

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What Qualities Do Top Costa Mesa Real Estate Agents Share?

If it’s the first time you have bought or sold a house, don’t fret if you’ve found yourself procrastinating—who wouldn’t? Most people are at least temporarily paralyzed by the immensity of the undertaking. The same applies to many of Costa Mesa’s current homeowners whose last real estate foray happened years ago. Even so, veteran home …

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Biggest Myths about Selling Your Costa Mesa House

. Oftentimes common “myths” about selling a house are actually addressing logical assumptions instead of facts. If “myths” are stories handed down through the generations, “selling your house” is an unlikely topic to be part of family lore. Myths about selling your Costa Mesa house are usually more like logical assumptions that many sellers make …

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