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Possible Future Costa Mesa Housing Crunch—a Legoland Solution

California and Costa Mesa are not immune to at least one outfall from what the New York Times calls “the great American single-family home problem”: the looming shortage in affordable places to live. What might seem to be mostly a distant challenge for faraway metropolitan areas could eventually affect single-family neighborhoods, too. Areas where today …

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A “Kitchen Mirage” Could Speed Costa Mesa Home Sales

When I see a feature with a title like X Ways to Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger, I’m someone who’s unlikely to pass it up. Making any Costa Mesa kitchen feel bigger would be a definite plus for any Costa Mesa home sale. On the scale of honorable pursuits, it would be right there next …

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Freddie and Fannie—and #CostaMesaHomeLoans

Here at Weichman Realtors we all remember Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the twin quasi-public organizations who backstopped the home loan industry for the whole country. Freddie and Fannie were thought by some to be on the verge of extinction during the home loan crisis, but they revived when Washington stepped in. Freddie’s latest quarterly …

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