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“Estate” is a Word with Many Meanings

The word “estate” is one of those words that can carry a boatload of different meanings. As part of the “Costa Mesa real estate” caption, it’s one of the positive ones. “Real estate” means physical property that’s anything but imaginary. In fact, the U.S. Constitution initially restricted voting rights to owners of real estate! As …

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Homes Near the Costa Mesa Golf Course and Fairview Park

A few of our recently sold listings in this area offer stunning locations near the golf course and the expansive fairview park. – SOLD – View on our website here: 1833 Pitcairn Drive – SOLD – Within a quarter mile of the course at: 3007 Country Club Drive – SOLD – Surrounded by nearby Parks: …

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How is Costa Mesa Architecture unlike Malibu’s “The Case”?

If you page through this month’s Costa Mesa listings, you’ll find a collection of homes that embody all kinds of structural styles. There is no single “Costa Mesa architecture”—although some homeowner associations are aimed at preserving a pleasantly homogeneous neighborhood look. Now, from out in Southern California, comes word of a small but impressive architecturally …

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