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Surprise and Compromise in Costa Mesa House Hunting

A couple of weeks ago the REALTOR website ran a 90-second video about How to Buy with a core message that could be helpful to anyone who has set about house hunting in Costa Mesa. The theme was about the value of compromise—not insisting on a rigid checklist of predetermined criteria to be the be- …

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Costa Mesa Real Estate News Can’t Top These Items!

Whenever a month’s Costa Mesa real estate activity ends on a Friday, the number-gatherers close up shop knowing there will be a longer than usual lapse until they can be sure of the Costa Mesa real estate activity statistics. That creates a breather for those of us who keep abreast of California and Costa Mesa …

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Costa Mesa House Hunting by Zip Code Can Yield Surprises

If you ask anyone doing serious house hunting in Costa Mesa how they are going about it, there are few who won’t point to the web (nationally, 88% use it) as at least one of the top two most useful tools (their Costa Mesa REALTOR® is the other one: 87%). Yes, yard signs are helpful, …

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