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Apr 14

Keywords Lead to Costa Mesa Spring Cleaning Tips!

Ah, springtime! As the daylight hours grow longer and buds and blossoms dot Costa Mesa’s trees and gardens, even when a rainy day is in the forecast, the feeling of new life in the air can’t be denied! Also undeniable is the all-too-apparent fact that Costa Mesa’s bright April sunlight is now illuminating months’ worth …

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Mar 17

Costa Mesa Home Prices Get a Nobel Prize Treatment!

The timing for when to sell a Costa Mesa home can be a decision that pretty much makes itself. Sometimes family demands call for a move to larger or smaller quarters; sometimes a change in career demands or a schooling decision dictates a residential switch. But there are other times when an eventual move is …

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Nov 04

For Costa Mesa Homeowners, Slow Real Estate News is Good

If, as the saying goes, “”no news is good news,” last week was almost a good week for U.S. real estate. Costa Mesa real estate watchers like me found no hint of the kind of sweeping changes that can alter residential real estate patterns for buyers and sellers. Possibly because of the looming election, little …

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