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Moving Costa Mesa Homes: Downsizing, Upsizing, or ?

Smart Sizing in Retirement

If “downsizing” figures large as a goal many Costa Mesa homeowners are seriously considering, The Washington Post is now citing a newer phenomenon that many older home buyers are discovering: “smart sizing.” It’s a cute phrase that might sound like a real estate feature writer’s invention—but the details will probably ring true for some retirement-bound …

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What Costa Mesa Real Estate Home Loan Term is Misunderstood?

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Long before well-prepared Costa Mesa homeowners arrive at the signing table, they will have been aware of the factors mortgage lenders pay attention to—foremost among which is their bill-paying history. For years, they will have avoided making late payments—or underpayments. They will have corrected erroneous negatives on their credit reports and straightened out any historical …

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Retirement Security and Insecurity — and Costa Mesa Real Estate

The title alone was slightly chilling. Costa Mesa readers didn’t have to be anywhere near senior discount age to furrow their brows if they happened to come across last week’s white paper, “Retirement Insecurity 2019.” Worse yet, there wasn’t much in the National Institute on Retirement Security’s 28-page manifesto to brighten their mood. Fortunately for …

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