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What are the 3 Greatest Financial Decisions You Can Make?

Costa Mesa homeowners who regularly watch the “Today” show or Fox Business, or who listen to NPR’s “All Things Considered” on the drive home from work may already be familiar with the views of Liz Weston, a regular contributor to ATC and a number of other leading media outlets. Her best-selling book, “Your Credit Score-Your …

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How Millennials, GenXers, & Boomers Split on Preferences

Luxury Bathroom

Luxurious bathrooms are getting to be a staple in nearly all the new homes being built today. For future sellers whose older Costa Mesa homes come up short in that department, an upgrade may be warranted—giving rise to a relevant question about which features are most likely to attract future homebuyers. Earlier this month, The …

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This Costa Mesa House Selling Lament is Easily Avoided


One often-repeated lament you hear from Costa Mesa house sellers is this one: “I wish we’d done the [major remodeling project] long ago so we could have enjoyed it!” It’s probably such a commonplace because we all gradually get used to working around problematic aspects of our Costa Mesa houses. Some problems develop so slowly …

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