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Jun 15

Before Your Costa Mesa Listing Appears, Take 2 Financial Steps

In a fast-moving market, sellers can be caught off-guard when their Costa Mesa listing turns into an unexpectedly quick sale. That might sound overly optimistic, but most people who are preparing to list their homes are so focused on preparing the property that they put off worrying about what happens once Job One is accomplished. …

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Feb 22

Future Costa Mesa Home Sales May Defy Assumptions

Many Costa Mesa homeowners will be planning to list their properties this spring because it’s when future home sales would be expected to peak. Historically, at least, spring is when a sudden crush of prospects usually arrive on the scene. But this year, the upward drift in mortgage interest rates might have would-be sellers worried. …

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Feb 17

A “Kitchen Mirage” Could Speed Costa Mesa Home Sales

When I see a feature with a title like X Ways to Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger, I’m someone who’s unlikely to pass it up. Making any Costa Mesa kitchen feel bigger would be a definite plus for any Costa Mesa home sale. On the scale of honorable pursuits, it would be right there next …

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