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Costa Mesa Home Sale Safeguards Vanish Overseas

When we shop for Costa Mesa homes for sale, we’re able to take quite a lot for granted. If we choose to be represented by a licensed California Realtor® to act as our buyer’s agent, we know that our interests are being looked after in a multiplicity of ways—they’re spelled out in stringent California regulations. …

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A “Kitchen Mirage” Could Speed Costa Mesa Home Sales

When I see a feature with a title like X Ways to Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger, I’m someone who’s unlikely to pass it up. Making any Costa Mesa kitchen feel bigger would be a definite plus for any Costa Mesa home sale. On the scale of honorable pursuits, it would be right there next …

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Long Planning Sets Costa Mesa Homeowners Ahead of the Pack!

“Longevity planning” is not something most youthful or middle-aged Costa Mesa residents spend a lot of time thinking about. “Getting old?” Who wants to dwell on that, well, no one here at Weichman Realtors does! Joseph Coughlin, the director of the AgeLab at MIT, pushes for changing that attitude when it comes to home sale …

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