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Biggest Myths about Selling Your Costa Mesa House

. Oftentimes common “myths” about selling a house are actually addressing logical assumptions instead of facts. If “myths” are stories handed down through the generations, “selling your house” is an unlikely topic to be part of family lore. Myths about selling your Costa Mesa house are usually more like logical assumptions that many sellers make …

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Does a Baby Boomer Wave Create Costa Mesa Real Estate Opportunities?

From midway across the Pacific came an interesting commentary last week—one that sparked an idea Costa Mesa investors should look at, especially with the recent news. The article appeared in the HawaiiHomes section of Oahu’s Star-Advertiser where an investor couple decided to make a change in their real estate portfolio. The investors “Joyce” and “Reid” …

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Costa Mesa Multiple Offer Scenarios Still Happen!

Changes in the real estate market can be both sudden or slow. No matter how the broader market shifts nationally or locally here in Costa Mesa, certain properties or price ranges can still result in a multiple offer scenario. Buyers: never fear! If you fall in love with one of these highly desired homes, there …

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