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E-commerce Restaurant Ripple Effects on Costa Mesa Real Estate

The rise of e-commerce has created cultural shifts that are ongoing and profound—Costa Mesa real estate is certainly one of them. One ripple effect may be expected from an industry that touches us all: the restaurants. According to the Wall Street Journal, “as e-commerce expands into food delivery, new bets are being made on real …

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Does a Baby Boomer Wave Create Costa Mesa Real Estate Opportunities?

From midway across the Pacific came an interesting commentary last week—one that sparked an idea Costa Mesa investors should look at, especially with the recent news. The article appeared in the HawaiiHomes section of Oahu’s Star-Advertiser where an investor couple decided to make a change in their real estate portfolio. The investors “Joyce” and “Reid” …

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Open Houses This Weekend in Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach and More!

We are built on a philosophy of Heritage & Hustle. The L3 is a full service real estate agency with a regional office located in the heart of #CostaMesa, offering a wide-array of custom services to meet their clients’ needs with roots in the community since 1976. It’s L3 mission is to provide trusted, convenient, …

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