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Your Costa Mesa Energy Bills can Improve Your Home’s Value

Right about this time during most years, if yours is a typical Costa Mesa home with typical cooling capacity, its energy consumption will rise (just as it does in the chilliest depths of winter). It isn’t at the top of most homeowners’ summer to-do list, but now is an ideal time to take a hard …

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L3’s Open House Weekend!

We are built on a philosophy of Heritage & Hustle. L3 is a full service real estate agency with a regional office located in the heart of #CostaMesa, offering a wide-array of custom services to meet their clients’ needs with roots in the community since 1976. It’s L3 mission to provide trusted, convenient, responsive service …

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For Costa Mesa To-Die-For Properties, Bring a Pre-approval

The idea of gaining a lender’s pre-approval is one of Costa Mesa house financing’s “no downside” ideas—it can only help. Can’t hurt. Theoretically, even if you belong in the upper reaches of the upper crust, having a bank pre-approval in your hip pocket couldn’t be a mistake. For instance, suppose you happen to run across …

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