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The L3 Real Estate Presents POLAR EXPRESS!

Annual Polar Express family event is set for Saturday, December 7th at 10:00 AM to 1 PM. This event, based on the popular family movie The Polar Express, was conceived as a way for The L3 Real Estate founders Larry Weichman and Matt Kanoudi to connect with their fellow Costa Mesa residents and say thank …

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Open House in Costa Mesa

We are built on a philosophy of Heritage & Hustle. The L3 is a full service real estate agency with a regional office located in the heart of #CostaMesa, offering a wide-array of custom services to meet their clients’ needs with roots in the community since 1976. It’s L3 mission is to provide trusted, convenient, …

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How Millennials, GenXers, & Boomers Split on Preferences

Luxury Bathroom

Luxurious bathrooms are getting to be a staple in nearly all the new homes being built today. For future sellers whose older Costa Mesa homes come up short in that department, an upgrade may be warranted—giving rise to a relevant question about which features are most likely to attract future homebuyers. Earlier this month, The …

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