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Terrifying Home Décor that’s Better Left for Halloween

Costa Mesa neighborhoods are already boasting their traditional pre-Halloween decorations. Like ‘mums and pumpkins, the appearance of mannequin goblins and ghosts is, after all, some of the first signs of autumn. Perhaps by way of getting into the spirit of the coming holiday, the editors of last Friday’s Realtor® Magazine dispensed with its list of …

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Moving Costa Mesa Homes: Downsizing, Upsizing, or ?

Smart Sizing in Retirement

If “downsizing” figures large as a goal many Costa Mesa homeowners are seriously considering, The Washington Post is now citing a newer phenomenon that many older home buyers are discovering: “smart sizing.” It’s a cute phrase that might sound like a real estate feature writer’s invention—but the details will probably ring true for some retirement-bound …

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Time Truly is Money in Your Costa Mesa Landscaping Approach


If you ask Google, “what does Time is Money mean?” it tells you that time is a valuable resource, so do things as quickly as you can. That’s one way to look at it—from a superior, it probably means, “stop wasting time” or “get back to work!” But when it comes to property values—certainly including …

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