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Always on the cutting edge of technology, The L3 Real Estate team continually take advantage of the latest in web design and software development to better enhance your property goals, and because their team is comprised mostly of longtime Costa Mesa residents, they’re able to provide clients with a real insiders perspective of the community. When Larry Weichman and Matthew Kanoudi founded The L3 Real Estate, they envisioned a local alternative to the large, nationally based real estate companies. It was company based on the knowledge that smaller is better. By employing only the finest, most experienced and knowledgeable Costa Mesa real estate professionals, The L3 Real Estate quickly earned - and has maintained - a reputation for providing discreet, concierge - level service to each of its customers and clients. It's a level of service reflective of Costa Mesa itself - dignified, understated and world class in every respect. "We know how special this area is to people," says Larry, a Costa Mesa resident since 1976. "That’s why we try to preserve that atmosphere while working so hard to help people find their own piece of paradise." If you can't see content in this frame, please follow to this link.

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(Costa Mesa Real Estate Aside): 5 Tips if You Feel Sick

Now for a purely temporary diversion from the Costa Mesa real estate topics you usually find here. As with so many other aspects Costa Mesa life, we are straying a bit off the trodden path due to the pandemic that’s been turning Costa Mesa topsy-turvy. This, too, shall pass—but in the meantime, this practical advice …

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For Costa Mesa Buyers and Sellers, it’s “Business as Unusual”

If we thought the shifts in Costa Mesa lifestyles had been developing rapidly, the onset of COVID-19 and the disruptions now upon us make yesterday’s changes seem positively glacial. In the past two weeks, we’ve seen fundamental dislocations in nearly every aspect of Costa Mesa living—changes that make trying to plan ahead mostly an exercise …

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Last Week’s Events Affecting Costa Mesa Home Sellers

In addition to last week’s earthshaking mortgage interest rate developments, a batch of other events that also could affect Costa Mesa home sellers made news: • Costa Mesa home sellers who’ve been hearing that millennials constitute the next wave of prospective buyers might have been momentarily discouraged by CoreLogic’s new report, which included the dire-sounding, …

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